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Actionable Steps to Elevate Primary Care with Communication Science

Cultural Sensitivity in Healthcare: More Than Just Words (4:21)

Learning Series #4

Navigating Healthcare's Complex Landscape


On October 24, 2023, Dr. Kasia Hein-Peters spoke with Yi-an and discussed how communication science interacts with medicine.

Stop the Revolving Door A New Take on Staff Retention (4:06)

Learning Series #3

The Affordable Path to Equitable Healthcare (4:45)

Learning Series #2

Boosting Efficiency without Losing the Human Touch (5:40)

Learning Series #1

Video series 00

Introduction: Dr. Nathan Walter's research background in communication science (1:09)

Video series 01

Why should health professionals learn about communication science? (1:24)

Video series 02

What can communication science do beyond influencing behavior change? (1:12)

Video series 03

The key benefit of applying communication science in patient communication (1:03)

Video series 04

Using strategic storytelling in health communication (1:43)

Video series 05

Dealing with emotions in health communication (1:56)

Video series 06

What does research evidence tell us about fear? (1:29)

Video series 07

How to use role models to overcome fear (2:01)